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Australia Disaster Management Program

The Australia Disaster Management Platform (ADMP)

The University of Melbourne and IBM are collaborating on developing completely new IT technologies that represents a step change in the world’s ability to manage disasters, save lives and protect communities. This innovative, integrated, open standards based whole-systems disaster-management platform is a major undertaking which partners will design and implement in stages over the next few years. The platform will enable all those involved in the planning for, responses to and the recovery from multi-hazard disasters including communities to make swift, effective decisions, based on comprehensive, accurate, real-time information.

The concept of the platform is central to the ADMP as it will draw on vast amounts of geo-spatial and infrastructure information from multiple data sets (including many sets already in existence), bring these together, facilitate discovery and then integrate and analyse the data to create real-time, practical information streams on disaster events and to develop simulation and optimisation models. This practical information will then be communicated at appropriate levels of detail, to the wide spectrum of people involved making emergency decisions – from the central coordinating agencies who are charged with directing activities, to on-ground emergency services personnel, through to the local community members trying to decide whether to evacuate and if so how.

The ADMP is also a collaboration platform. It will leverage the significant related expertise in the University of Melbourne and IBM – Research Australia. There are many other groups around Australia and the globe also researching and designing disaster-management IT tools, often in isolation so the ADMP will become a platform that enables quality, disaster-management innovators to plug in and be part of an open standards based’system of systems’, not unlike the way in which an iPad enables a myriad of Apps to connect and interact.

In the initial stages, the researchers will undertake a pilot that utilises the buildings and related information of selected urban Melbourne areas. The researchers will develop compelling proofs of concept by studying how to provide decision-support that facilitates speedy and efficient evacuation during emergency situations.


The ADMP, a multi-hazard platform to support preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation to assist people in making decisions related to disaster management.